Ready mixed concrete is the foundation for most construction projects. For many people it may never be required or thought about. For others it may be required once in a lifetime, for many it is a regular requirement, indeed a necessity, for those involved in farming or construction and building professions.

Ready mixed concrete is provided in many grades, dependent on the individual project requirements.

Foundation concrete, concrete for footings or for the slab (floor) of a house under construction is widely seen on plans or requirements for building work. The strength of concrete and the amount of cement added is dependent on the job in hand. Cement, sand, aggregates (stone) and the vital water element go into producing ready mixed concrete, the more cement added to the menu/recipe determines the strength obtained. The grades of concrete C7.5 up to C50 indicates the vast range of mixes available, the higher the number the stronger the mix.

The use of all grades of ready mixed concrete is inexhaustible. Whatever your requirements Gamallt Ready Mixed Concrete Ltd can meet the challenge.

All materials used as components in the manufacture of Gamallt Ready Mixed Concrete are themselves produced in accordance to the relevant British or European Standards required.

Dependent on your individual requirements we can produce concrete to any specification. If you require a mix not covered by our suggestions, we can provide a Design Mix. This Design Mix takes into account your specific needs, we use nationally approved suppliers for products i.e. water proofers, admixes (for increased workability), frost proofers, rapid hardeners, retarders (to slow down the initial setting time), fibres that strengthen concrete to ensure no surface cracking over large areas e.g. roadways, yards, house floors.

Concrete can be manufactured for showroom floors to give a tough finish for painting over and durable for light traffic such as car showrooms. Examples shown are polished concrete floors.

We have produced as a Design Mix a concrete with a requirement that it meets a minimum C50 strength and sets underwater in no less than 30 minutes, some task you may think. Yet in excess of 800 cubic metres was produced and provided for a national company for the repairs to the foundations (under water) of the old stone Cardigan Bridge, the main access to the town of Cardigan in Ceredigion.

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